Sumer Grandil


Born and raised in Arizona, I have been immersed in the real estate industry since 2006, primarily collaborating with real estate investors. After years of overseeing tenants and managing investment portfolios, I earned my real estate license in 2011.

My expertise spans foreclosure sales, adept negotiation in short sales, and assisting out-of-state investors in preserving their property asset values. As my professional journey evolved, I fostered relationships with tenants who eventually became both buyers and sellers. Real estate, to me, is a thriving venture that opens doors to success.

Currently residing in Chandler, Arizona, I cherish connecting with people. I firmly believe that everyone’s narrative begins at home – a universal desire we all share. Facilitating the realization of real estate dreams is immensely fulfilling for me. With each client I assist, I draw closer to my own aspirations.

Grateful for the chance to make home dreams a reality, my life outside the office is filled with family moments and quality time with my children. Active in my community and church, I believe in giving back. Traveling brings me untapped happiness, and I’m a sun enthusiast who loves discovering new restaurants and local shopping. Thankful for every new day!